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I offered up a free logo for any Ethereum projects - Here's what came of it. Anyone else have a DApp they're working on?!

I offered up a free logo for any Ethereum projects - Here's what came of it. Anyone else have a DApp they're working on?! submitted by cjohndesign to ethereum [link] [comments]

Are you building a ethereum dapp that's free of Appcoins? I'm a fan of that approach and have built a small webpage and logo to celebrate dapps like yours!

Are you building a ethereum dapp that's free of Appcoins? I'm a fan of that approach and have built a small webpage and logo to celebrate dapps like yours! submitted by drcode to ethereum [link] [comments]

SSJ - New DFO from the creators of BUIDL, ARTE, UNIFI

Introducing SSJ (Super Saiya-Jin) a DFO used to govern the Builder's Sandbox of dfohub
"For thousands of years, the ability to transform into a new token standard was considered only a legend. ERCs harbored potential that was hidden from the Ethereum world, but the ERC20 and ERC1155 standards alone were not powerful enough techniques to unleash it… until now!
By synthesizing the ancient ERC20 technique with the advanced ERC1155 one, we have created the ethItem standard, and the first experimental ethItem token: Super Saiya-jin! SSJ achieves standard-interoperability to unlock the true power of Ethereum.
As both a governance token to manage proposals for the buidlers’ Sandbox DFO and an upgradeable digital art NFT, the SSJ token is the first example of what can be accomplished by innovating with the state of the art ethItem technology. We await to see what else the Ethereum galaxy brings…
Let the customizations begin!"
Easiest way to get it is to trade ETH for uSD (the dfoHub created stablecoin) then trading for SSJ!
uSD contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x44086035439E676c02D411880FcCb9837CE37c57

SSJ Distribution

(7.7%) 77.900 SSJ was distributed among wallets holding more than 900 buidl, arte or UniFi (100 SSJ each)
(10%) 100.000 SSJ was sent to the NERV Operation Wallet (https://etherscan.io/address/0x25756f9c2cceacd787260b001f224159ab9fb97a) which will inflate the supply by 100 SSJ each day for a total of 36.500 SSJ yearly.
(5%) 50.000 SSJ was sent to the DFOhub Wallet, owned by buidl holders (https://etherscan.io/address/0x5d40c724ba3e7ffa6a91db223368977c522bdacd)
The rest, 755,000 (76%), is locked in the Sandbox DFO Wallet (https://etherscan.io/address/0xeE4ccfB9341E27AbE3c8dE2F63694cc1ba71026B), to be farmed by SSJ-uSD stakers (https://dapp.dfohub.com/?staking=0x792BF16B9C6CaD4c180C0031F32c39EB51d6A290)
The Sandbox Quorum is 300,000 SSJ and the max cap is 500,000 you’ll be able to reach it in 4-5 months.
So, what’s the purpose of SSJ anyway?
To begin with, it’s the ERC20 voting token of the “buidlers’ Sandbox” DFO: https://dapp.dfohub.com/?addr=0xd5F8E370130ebBF6dF7bF742866ff056331Fd73C.
But, as a ERC1155, it also contains interesting expandable metadata that can be extremely useful to unleash the true power of decentralization. It avoids mandatory, annoying, brand-related procedures (like token listings in DEX/AMMs, or logo approvals).
SSJ is realized as an extension of the ethItem token standard, and can be found here.
You can farm it and start ruling the Sandbox DFO using uSD, the stablecoin of UniFi, here: https://dapp.dfohub.com/?staking=0x792BF16B9C6CaD4c180C0031F32c39EB51d6A290
To mint uSD, go here: https://www.unifihub.com/
Total Supply: 1M SSJ
Circulating: 77,900 SSJ
Current Price: $4.45
Marketcap: 340K MC
Not yet on Coingecko
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A sleeper, RAIN Network Coin; Sub $16k MCAP, New Exchange Listings, and Juicy Chart!

RAIN Network Coin
Website: https://rainnetwork.online/
Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rain-network
RAIN Network is a new fully autonomous microcap decentralized rewards platform operating on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contract. Easiest and profitable staking available on their dApps with more to come includeing a RAIN game.
So working product and $16k market cap. Yes you heard that right only $16k, if this goes to $100k that's a 6x!
Trying to post it here before it explodes (like SWAP).
Been bleeding out for some time and now showing completion of a massive bull pendant.
If you don't buy because of the product, then buy because the chart looks magnificent. Please look at the chart on Coingecko and tell me this won't triple in the next month.
The concept is simple, the user interface/logo is super clean and refreshing. The community is nice! Officially listed on Mercatox yesterday! With more exchanges to come.
Announcement from CEO:
"Update We do have a small game coming in a day or so that will use RAIN. exploding_head Addressing the make an announcement daily for hype That isn't going to happen. I am not a hype man nor do I make unnecessary announcements. We have more than enough stuff here at RAIN for the community to shill so really its up to you guys on how to make it work for your shilling. I am not placing blame on anyone, just reminding the community of their part in the grow of this. Myself and @ethereal have put good effort into growing this platform from a development perspective. The project has utility straight out of the box and dapps to assist with that utility. Lets make the best of what we have and make it work."
Buy on Uniswap;
BitcoinTalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5257430.new#new
Twitter https://twitter.com/rainnetworketh
Medium https://medium.com/@rainnetwork
LiveCoinWatch https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/RAINNetwork-_RAIN
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Dapp Devs: Please consider adding these Ethereum branding materials to your site

Dapp Devs: Please consider adding these Ethereum branding materials to your site submitted by DCinvestor to ethtrader [link] [comments]

[For Hire] Let me show you why my services are so expensive...

I charge $100 per hour regardless of the project size. I've declined countless projects because they were either not the best fit for my skills or because the client wasn't able to afford a premium service.
Yet I'm still busy with work after years of programming experience because I focus on one client at the time to deliver the best results possible. Your project can be done in half the time with proper concentration without losing quality when working with me. Here's what I can do for you:
- Professional web app development to create extremely fast, scalable and responsive applications. I've worked with all sorts of businesses mostly in the finance space and I've built my own tools to provide a top service faster than anyone with rigorously tested code.
I'm familiar with pretty much every frontend technology out there and most backends except .NET which allows me to work seamlessly with your existing team or start a project from scratch with the best tools for the job.
- Expert blockchain development. I've helped startups raise millions of dollars with my code. I work with Ethereum, Tron, Stablecoins, DAXs, Wallets, Tokens, ICOs and dApps. I've written 2 books about it and plenty of articles like this one.
- Honesty and experience. If I see that a feature would take too much time I'll tell you right away. If I notice a co-worker is wasting your money, I'll make sure you know it. If the technology you're using right now is not the most appropriate one, I'll explain you why another choice is better. I help your business grow from an honest and external opinion.
Coding is my main skill but I can help you with your marketing efforts by improving your email campaigns, vastly improve the User Experience and UI of your project, design logos and mockups and write SEO-optimized articles among other tasks.
When working with me you can expect daily updates, a super detailed estimate with tasks broken down to the minute, realisic estimate pricing and plenty of revisions to make your vision a reality.
Stop worrying about unresponsive freelancers, low quality deliveries or straight-up rude developers. I'm here to make your experience as smooth as possible so that you feel excited to get to work every day knowing your dream is slowly becoming a reality.
Send me a direct message here on reddit for more information. My estimates are free. Let's grow your business now.
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To all the new people here, you need to see this.

To all the new people here, you need to see this. submitted by bosticetudis to ethtrader [link] [comments]

Cryptower updated!

Cryptower updated!

Website: https://cryptowergame.com
Dapp: https://beta.cryptowergame.com
What we have done:
  1. Added MEW (My Ethereum Wallet) support;
  2. Brave browser compatibility tested;
  3. Refresh (page refresh) without login;
  4. Routing - it is possible to send direct link to tower (url);
  5. Screen scale optimized;
  6. Transaction (build/destroy) speed increased;
  7. Charts (axis Y) for high tower fixed;
  8. Sort added for list of all towers;
  9. Account balance validation before action started;
  10. Local database of towers validated;
  11. Exception handling improved;
  12. “About” screen added and available on in-game logo click;
  13. Pending transaction handling improved;
  14. Opera Touch with build-in wallet support added.
You can play in Opera Touch from your tab like iPad or other.
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Big updates for ENS: New team, new logo, new projects, and announcing an ENS Hackathon!

Big updates for ENS: New team, new logo, new projects, and announcing an ENS Hackathon! submitted by nickjohnson to ethereum [link] [comments]

HEX CoinMarketCap Listing Request - Need Feedback/Help


CoinMarketCap ---- https://imgur.com/a/TsbX5o3
LiveCoinWatch ----- https://imgur.com/a/9pdzLgg
CoinGecko ----------- https://imgur.com/a/oY3wn0w
WorldCoinIndex --- https://i.imgur.com/t9m0NDX.png
CryptoCompare --- https://i.imgur.com/wt6ni6O.png
CoinCodex ----------- https://i.imgur.com/XonOWor.png
Coinlib ----------------- https://i.imgur.com/ZNtvOsZ.png
Coinpaprika --------- https://i.imgur.com/f6fFz2s.png

if you want to support my work, please use my referral link! (and gain 10% more hex coins):
or donate ETH or HEX to my address: 0x36ECd27625efeECeF5E8e62Cfdbd3F990801bA96


1 - [New Listing] Add cryptoasset

HEX - HEX - Add cryptoasset

Project Launch Date
December 2, 2019

Project Name

Project TickeSymbol

Project Description
Launched on December 2, 2019 by Richard Heart and team, HEX is the first certificate of deposit on the blockchain, essentially time deposits that gain interest, HEX is an ERC20 Token that runs over the Ethereum network


Chain Fork
Not a fork, an Ethereum Smart Contract

Consensus Algorithm
Proof of Work and Proof of Stake Hybrid


As of Ethereum Block #9073548, Sun, 08 Dec 2019 19:5511 GMT
33,571 ETH ($5,067,575.86) has been invested
Ranked Top 10 Project on Dapps Radar

Community Engagement
6,415 members on Telegram
3,661 followers on Twitter


Office locations/addresses

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Link to Logo

Website 1

Website 2

Block Explorer 1

Source Code

Whitepaper / Technical Documentation

Announcement (Bitcointalk)

Message Board




Video Channel

Chat 1


Mobile App

Circulating Supply

Total Supply

Max Supply
(NOTE: Inflates 3.69% per year)

ICO/IEO Start Date

ICO/IEO End Date


# of assets sold in Private Sale

# of assets sold in Public Sale/ICO/IEO

Total # of assets sold

Total amount of capital raised (USD)

# of assets available to the public

# of assets that have been distributed to the public

# of assets that have been privately allocated for team/advisors/developers/future

API endpoint that displays ONLY TOTAL SUPPLY as a NUMERICAL value

Rich List

List of CMC-supported exchanges

Annex A - Rich List & Reserve Addresses
Origin Address
Flush Address


Are you willing to provide linkbacks to CMC?

Proof/Supporting evidence/documents

- Project Name ----- (Changed from Hex to HEX)
- Circulating Supply ----- (Changed to Total Supply)
- Source Code ----- (Added Etherscan)
- Max Supply ----- (None, Inflates forever)
- API endpoint that displays ONLY TOTAL SUPPLY as a NUMERICAL value (Hexstat.com)
- Project Description
- Announcement Link
- Mobile App
- ICO/IEO questions and Assets sold in Public/Private questions
- Annex A
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TomoChain Monthly Recap - say bye to March!

TomoChain Monthly Recap - say bye to March!
As the coronavirus is marching around the world, the internet has soon become overheated with hate speech. But hey, don’t let that get you! The world is still filled with beautiful people who always care for others and spread positivity, just like us :)
Here we’d like to share our latest progress along with a short, heartwarming poem which was written on the medical supplies Japan donated to China:
“Though mountains and rivers set us apart, the moon and wind witness our heart.”
We hope you enjoy a little March throwback with TomoChain!

  • TomoJS released v0.2.2. Now you can propose, stake, unstake, resign, withdraw TOMO from Staking Smart Contract by using Command Line on Linux, Window, and macOS.
  • The market place is an unpredictable playground with constant ups & downs.TomoChain had an internal workshop named "Cryptocurrency Investment - something you should know", where CFO Ho Thu Le shared tips on how to become a smart investor & thrive through market fluctuation.

  • People may be staying in, but TomoChain's reputation is traveling elsewhere! Bacoor Inc, who has been dedicated to developing apps on Ethereum for years, is now ready to build apps on TomoChain. Because they found TomoChain’s technology impressive! Welcome aboard and we’re looking forward to seeing many applications in the near future.

  • Bacoor identifies market opportunity on TomoChain. They plan to expand Pantograph's comprehensive browser extensions to include a complete Wallet App. Additionally, they are developing an exciting unannounced application that fills a gap & will benefit the entire ecosystem.

  • TomoChain threw out a TomoP AMA session on 25 March to better clarify our users’ concerns and explain the key features, which turned into a great success - thanks to all the participants and our guest speaker Mr. Tuan Anh. You can find out more about TomoP by checking out our answers to some of the most brilliant questions at “TomoP AMA Recap— the Man behind the Mask”.

  • TomoChain is glad to partner with AToken, where users can stake, transfer and integrate TOMO into Dapps.
  • Trading TOMO has never been this easy as it’s now available on Probit with pairs of TOMO/USDT & TOMO/KRW.

  • TOMO is becoming more liquid than ever! Now it’s available for deposits & withdrawals, with pairs of TOMO/USDT, TOMO/TWD & TOMO/CNYT on BitAsset. Think of buying in some TOMO now?

Must read/ watch
  • "We are all collaborators running towards the same mission of integrating blockchain into every-day life usage." - said TomoChain CEO Long Vuong during his interview with StackingUSD. Check out Long's thoughts on expanding Tomo's plans in the future in case you’ve missed the news.

  • A short & straight-forward look into why TomoP has the potentials to be the next gateway opening mass blockchain adoption.

  • On the 9th of March, TomoChain joined an AMA session with our friends from The Satoshi Club. We had a great time answering questions in both Satoshi’s English and Russian groups. Thank you for all the interesting questions and congrats to those lucky ones to share the prize pool!

  • TomoP distinguishes itself from the crowd with faster speed, scalability & integration with TomoChain's ecosystem of Dapps. TomoP privacy can consequently extend to more sophisticated financial instruments to serve DeFi platforms & mainstream needs TOMO. That's Blockmanity’s thought about TomoP. What's yours?

It’s been a challenging time for all of us. But how many of you have never spent this much time at home with your family members and loved ones? Enjoy some family fun while you still can! And Happy April Fool’s Day! Don’t fake a smile though :D
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Come work with us!

Come work with us!
Helios Protocol currently has some open job vacancies. If you are interested in joining the team for any of the following positions, please direct message me.
★ General Team Members ★ Graphic Designers ★ Marketing (youtubers, influencers) ★ Programming (Web Developers, Python Developers, C and C++ Developers and Blockchain DApp Developers Specific Role Details and Requirements
● General Team Members will be expected to: ○ Interact with our community and to engage them in all areas. ○ Will be required to be knowledgeable about Helios Protocol and answer community questions ○ Various assignments and tasks
● Graphic Designers ○ We are looking for graphic designers with any specialty. For example: web-design, logo-design, print etc...
● Marketing ○ Crypto Youtubers (several videos per month) ○ Social Media Influencers ○ Video making ○ Various experiences within marketing
● Web developer ○ Requires experience with JavaScript and nodejs ○ Experience with PHP is a plus. ○ Ability to take website design and convert it to CSS is a plus.
● Python developer ○ Requires previous experience with a project based on python. ○ Experience with cython and programming cython modules is a plus
● C or C++ developers ○ Requires previous experience working on some C or C++ projects. ○ Having knowledge of ethereum's C++ solidity compiler is a plus.
● Blockchain DApp developers ○ Requires experience with solidity programming language. ○ Will be required to create a DApp on Helios Protocol.
#crypto #developer #job #blockchain #marketing #designers #team #DApps
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Amsterdam Meetup - My experience and notes

Hey guys! So, I attended the Amsterdam Meetup and it was awesome. Here's some of the insights and gems I gathered for those who couldn't attend:
If I remember anything else I'll edit and add, feel free to add those who attended if I missed any big things :)
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Weekly Update: Welcome DENG to ParJar, $DAI on 2gether, $HYDRO on Upbit, Pynk Seed B round... – 25 Oct - 31 Oct'19

Weekly Update: Welcome DENG to ParJar, $DAI on 2gether, $HYDRO on Upbit, Pynk Seed B round... – 25 Oct - 31 Oct'19

Sup everyone! Continuing with our catch up series, here’s your week at Parachute + partners (25 Oct - 31 Oct'19):

Parachute OGs would remember how awesome Super Trooper experiences were – getting involved, learning, using your skills, exploring new ideas and getting a ton of crypto in the process. This week, you’re in for a treat since Super Troopers are returning to the Parachute-fold with the introduction of a brand new partner project – DENG (Decentralised ENGineering). DEng Design is starting up and building a community around its ethos of decentralised innovation in Engineering and IP. There are several early stage beta projects where anybody can join in as a collaborator. Jason hosted a short story writing contest this week with the theme scary/horror. Mandatory elements to be included: Parachute/ParJaTTR. The contest was a hit with some serious entries and lots of $PAR given out. CyberFM’s $CYFM token was also listed on ParJar this week. Welcome to the club! To mark the occasion, Sebastian hosted a game in TTR called “Catch that tune” for some cool $CYFM and $PAR prizes. Plus, there was a physics-based trivia in Tiproom with a 25k $PAR pot. Sweet! And don’t forget to say Hi to Cap who joined Twitter this week.
Journey of salsa verde from scratch. Courtesy: Chris
This week’s #WholesomeWed was about the favourite activities of Parachuters and we found out how well-rounded the Parachuterverse really was. Let’s see if I can recap all of it. From hunting (Andy) to reading coming comics (Borna), we have everything covered. Rene is a Wing Tsun Kung Fu master, Richi dabbles in CrossFit, Brian is a karateka, Legacy and @dontouchscreen like to swim, Anthony enjoys going to the beach, Charlotte writes, Carlos is a musician, Marcos climbs mountains (literally), @Trojak likes music and video games, Yoleidis plays the saxophone, Santhi, Jeff and Robertlot read a lot, Martha loves watching TV, Dinero, Gugger and Abdulbasid play soccer, Tavo raps, Alejandro is a curio collector and philatelist, Fadlan likes to draw, Hanabi collects antiques, Rin is a fashion designer, Shucy takes photos, Can spends time with cats, Arthus is a geologist, Andrea collects coffee mugs, Shirin plays the piano and Peace Love draws and is mighty good at it. Whew! The Halloween photo contest in TTR saw some spooky entries and had a 30k $PAR prize pool. Boo! PAR4PAR lottery is now in stage 6. 300k $PAR in prizes. Say what! Benjamin’s BOMB Report trivia in Tiproom was based on his latest 4% burn report. The theme for this week’s Two-for-Tuesday was the songs need to have a female name in the titles. Cool! And wicked sticker pack and gif Johnny (@Joliwa)! Couldn’t help but make all of those into a cover pic at the top. These are too good.
These stickers are pure epicness, Johnny (@Joliwa)! Thank you for these

Peace Love’s portraits are pretty epic too! Looking good Foo, Win, Luis, Alexis, FoF
aXpire’s Bilr makes legal billing simple and flawless for practising lawyers. Read more about it in CEO Gary Markham’s Hackernoon article. Catch last week’s news at aXpire from the Week 43 recap video. The DAI stablecoin was added to the 2gether platform. The news was also covered by CoinTelegraph. Noice! Speak Spanish and new to blockchain? Well, then this video explainer by Founder Salvador is perfect for you. Get an insight into 2gether's social media strategy from CEO Ramon's thoughts in this Finance Magnates article. Ramon also wrote about saving on crypto in a brief article in AgoraChain. If you think you are up for being Head of UX/UI at 2gether, then apply now. The XIO community continues to be awesome as always. Someone just donated the xio.app domain to the project. What a gem! In this week’s ZachTalks we had discussions on Total Addressable Market, pre-mined tokens, XIO Syndicate and Marketing (based on BJ Fogg's Behavior Model). Switch burned over 1% of the supply of $ESH tokens since many holders of the old token never swapped to the new one. Consequently, they will also be missing out on $ETH and $ESH drops. Winner of last week’s DappRadar contest was announced. John McAfee sat down for interviews with My Crypto Spirit and Shahan Khoshafian to talk about McAfeeDex. He also travelled to the Barcelona Blockchain Week to speak on why crypto is the future. Click here to watch his speech. Binance USD ($BUSD) is now available as a base pair on the Dex. The McAfeeDex Onion portal is live as well. The Dex can also be used through the IPFS protocol for pure P2P operations. The $ESH trading competition for a chance to spend a day with John McAfee came to a close this week. Winners to be announced next week. Callisto's security audit of the McAfeeDex (and consequently, SwitchDex) contracts was finished. You can read the report here. Plus, a few updates were made to the Switch platform for faster transactions.
Crypto cupcakes @2gether HQ
Fantom made a call-to-action to all interested node validators for its Statheros mainnet. Get in touch if you fit the bill. HyperBlocks, which provides staking-as-a-service to Tezos and Cosmos, will be offering similar services to the Fantom mainnet when it releases. Fantom also announced a development contest to BUIDL atop its stack. There’s a total of USD 20k in prizes to be given away for selected POCs and full time contract opportunities for the best of the lot. Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis will host Nick White of Harmony to talk about the platform in an AMA soon. Last week we mentioned that Uptrennd has started taking community inputs for publishing regular TA reports. This week, voting opened up for the second edition. Plus, there was a movie trivia themed on Halloween. Super fun! Click here to check out the insane talent on display in the Uptrennd Halloween logo contest. Congratulations on crossing 30k Members on the platform. Woot! And thanks for the shoutout Uptrennd fam. Here's to reaching greater heights. Cheers! The latest district and dev updates from District0x covers news such as deep dive testing of District Registry, upgrades to Meme Factory etc.
Some of the entries from the Uptrennd Halloween Contest
As the Mycro Hunter app development went into full swing, product manager Laurens explained what’s in store. In line with the Arena Match roadmap released last week, the currency system update is now live. SelfKey fan, hope you took time out to fill the quick product survey aimed at improving the platform. $KEY got listed on Bilaxy. Congrats! Two week’s back, we had written about the Constellation – Chainlink tie-up. This week, The Daily Chain delved deeper into what this deal means for both companies and the industry in general. PickACrypto's $DAG review came out this week as well. The crew travelled to a USAF facility to discuss how to secure mission critical data for their big data management partnership. Omnitude COO Ben Bennett appeared for an interview with Digital Asset Live to talk about the platform and blockchain adoption. Pynk will be attending the Malta Blockchain Summit next week where it is nominated for the Best Fintech Startup award. Good Luck! This week they were at Flatiron School to talk about upcoming UI and UX upgrages. Pynk has opened its next seed round to the public on Seedrs. Read more about it here.
Pynk investment strategy is divided into short, medium and long term-focused activities
Read up on how HYDRO is leveraging Ethereum and OmiseGo for its Hydro Pay app from this article. Remember, Hydrogen was selected by the South African Reserve Bank for an accelerator programme few weeks back? The crew travelled to South Africa to present at its Demo Day. Click here for pictures. Thereafter, the team proceeded to The Money 2020 USA Summit to spread the word on the project. $HYDRO was listed with a $BTC pairing on Upbit this week. Request Network and Airswap joined the dApp store as 3rd party partners. The latest Vault update is out as well. The Hydro explorer built by community developer @Moonmusiccc is now live on Ethereum mainnet and also shows Hydro Pay transactions. The Silent Notary Project Tree explains the interdependencies between various products in the SNTRverse. Sentivate’s latest code push will be one of the major roadmap items to be completed and mark the beginning of next 3 months’ work. Click here for the answer to last week’s riddle posted by Thomas. OST’s Pepo crew’s jam packed itinerary of crypto events over the next fortnight, flagged off with the CryptoMonday fireside chat in NYC (mentioned in last update). Last week, we talked about Pepo and Hornet joining State of the DApps. This week, Pepo became the 19th most popular dApp on it. Did you also know that the OST platform is now integrated on the same platform? If not, read more about it here. This is amazing! A shoutout from ethereum.network was pretty cool as well. At the San Francisco Blockchain Week, OST crew got busy spreading the word at the Queer-to-Queer Picnic, Ethereum Jesus's Saints & Sinners Party and Jason's keynote speech. In this week’s influencers-on-Pepo series, we have Libra’s Kevin Weil, thisweekincrypto's Motacaster, Burner Wallet's Austin Griffith and Epicenter's Sébastien Couture.

And with that, it is adios for this week at Parachute and partners. See you again soon with another exciting weekly update. Bye!
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How ORB Token is well-designed to appreciate its price?

Written by: Afsheen Jafry, COO & Kashif Rizvi, CEO
Gone are the days, when investors were jumping on to the IEO bandwagon just because projects were able to showcase white papers, a force of upto 20 team members suddenly emerging on LinkedIn with impressive profiles and expertise in blockchain, when blockchain was hardly even built. A mere google search of “blockchain”, “bitcoin” would flood your engine with “all-very-promising-projects”.
Fast forward 2020, blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin have evolved to a point where only projects backed by real-use case can stay.
We are the founders & project owners of MONET. ORB is the native token of MONET Dapp (being built as we speak). We are opening up our first ever crowd sale with LA Token, on 20 Jan. 2020. Promoting our IEO, we come across a fundamental question, which is “how would ORB appreciate in its price & stay sustainable?”
ORB’s price appreciation comes via a variety of mechanisms:
First, ORB must be purchased from exchanges, by users (patients), to pay for their healthcare needs (i.e. seeking 2nd opinion on medical diagnosis). This automatically gives ORB intrinsic value as it provides vital functionality. Something no other token can boast as per our knowledge/ at the time of writing. As demand for ORB increases, so does ORB’s ROI. This is one of the market forces that help drive increasing value.
Secondly, as time goes by, activity on the platform will increase as patients continue to seek 2nd opinion at an ever increasing rate. For example, millions of patients die every year globally due to misdiagnosis of their medical conditions. The marketing strategy will be focused to reach regions with largest population such as China & India with a collective population of 2.7 billion combined also with increasing problems reported with their national healthcare systems. What this means is that, through marketing, the audience would be educated why asking for a 2nd opinion can be life-saving decision, hence creating demand for ORB. We would like to remind again, MONET service offering isn’t a choice, but a necessity.
Due to the “need & equal demand” of our service, token would keeps changing hands, hence drive liquidity into the ORB stockpile.
Thirdly, medical specialists/ consultants would be paid in ORB. MONET plans to incorporate service providing partners to encourage specialist doctors to pay for their family holidays to suppliers in ORB. Similarly medical device suppliers, health insurance providers, medical negligence law firms will also form an integral part of MONET’s ecosystem. Each transaction within the ecosystem along the way, requires ORB. Doctors booking holidays for family? ORB. Patient buys diabetes monitoring device through partnering provider? ORB. Paying for 2nd opinion through insurance? ORB. Claiming compensation for medical negligence. ORB. All these massive, multi billion dollar partners using ORB in their transaction with MONET’s ecosystem? ORB.
Next, MONET will aso reward users (patients) and providers (consultants) to review their experiences. Rewards? ORB.
When ORB consumption would escalate the price of ORB, MONET will reduce the ORB required to fuel a transaction. This allows the fiat cost of the transaction to remain stable for the end user and it only occurs in an environment where ORB is gaining value. This is good for MONET’s value as it now produces an asset that does more ‘work’ for the ecosystem, giving it greater intrinsic value. Once a reduction in Tx/ORB becomes ineffective, the next step is increasing the selling price of ORB. Holders will now be encouraged to sell ORB and thus, their ORB does more work for the ecosystem, again making it more valuable. So long as adoption continues upwards, the mathematics of MONET’s economic model means ORB’s value will continue to climb over time.
Fourthly, in a few years, when things are really up and running, users will be buying from the open market. They won’t care about paying $1 or $2 per ORB. They’ll need to buy a ton at once to provide the ORB they require for their needs. For those of us here now buying it for fractions of a penny, well, that will certainly be a great day.
Another appreciation factor is generated by those seeking passive income adding to the demand, sucking up liquid supply. ORB can be held by holders, but at the same time, patients will always need it. ORB holders are also likely to buy more ORB with their alt-coins, creating constant positive pressure on ORB’s price and in turn, growing the rate at which holders can hold ORB, creating a positive feedback loop. Then there’s good old speculation from those hedging their bets on MONET’s success, which, given its planned illustrious list of partners, seems inevitable. MONET plans to work with 6 state backed partners in China & India. Then there’s a multitude of other, massive multinationals coming on board.
MONET’s value comes via the staggeringly high volume of transactions that will run through Blockchain and subsequent demand for ORB. ORB is indispensable and vital for the ecosystem’s functionality.
MONET’s economic model is well-thought and huge amount of research and resources have been invested in considering how its token economy will function. It’s one of the only projects where there is clear insight into value creation outside of pure speculation. It’s safe to say that as demand for MONET’s DAPP rises, so will the price of ORB.
Lastly, we are entering/already entered (argubally) into an age where data is the new oil. MONET will be harvesting vast quantities with its planned impressive list of partners and proposition of building a global, AI (artificial intelligence) integrated platform built upon blockchain backed by the mighty ethereum. With this data, comes immense value.
As we’ve been announcing across all our official media channels, MONET is going for its first ever IEO, with LA Token on 20 Jan 2020. We are receiving huge interest in to our project, however at this stage, we would highly appreciate your reviews about ORB’s economic model.
And of course, Whitepaper 2 is coming soon!
Any comment, feedback, improvement suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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Peepeth's Kickstarter is live

Hi everyone,
Happy Monday! Peepeth creator here. I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make Peepeth accessible to mainstream users. I’d appreciate your support:
Peepeth is a decentralized social network for those who value mindful, responsible engagement. It runs on Ethereum and IPFS, is ad-free, and encourages positive contribution through opinionated features. There are 2200+ users in the invite-only beta.
Reaching the Kickstarter goal will help make Peepeth free for all, and usable without a web3 provider. A mobile app will be built as a stretch goal. With your help, Peepeth could become the first mainstream dapp.
Rewards include unique, customizable blockchain badges that give you superpowers (special features), and other fun & interesting perks.
Corporate sponsors: your company's logo will be displayed on Peepeth’s (redesigned) front-page for a year. You'll also receive other rewards and high-level badges for your team. Plus, get a top-secret feature involving confetti! 🎉
Thanks for everyone's help in getting this far!
Support Peepeth's Kickstarter! 🐧🐧🐧
Thanks, Bevan Barton, Peepeth founder
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Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19

Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Sep - 3 Oct'19):

ParGas went live this week. From now on, you will get an additional option to pay for gas in $PAR when making ERC20 withdrawals from ParJar. Epic! Read all about it here. In this week’s Parena, Samuel defeated Martha in a quick finale to take home the lion’s share of the 100k $PAR pot. The #PAR4PAR contest entered stage 4. 200k $PAR in prizes. Insane! In this week’s Tiproom trivias, Ridwan hosted a 10 question quiz for 25k $PAR in total. There was another Math trivia for 25k $PAR more. Sweet! Doc Victor hosted a Champions League wager for 50 participants with a 10k $PAR pool.
This PAR logo is entirely made using ASCII code. Courtesy: Jose

Tiproom #mememania winners. Alimam and Rogel were tied in 1st place
The winner of the USD 500 BTC aXpire contest was announced this week. Congratulations to yo*******[email protected]! Rohit and my article on how Big Co and Big Guv is using blockchain was published in Altcoin Magazine. Week 39 update from the aXpireverse can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead like clockwork. The latest 2gether app update now allows you to send $BTC and $ETH from your account to any wallet. Noice! The team, in the midst of shifting offices, set up camp at South Summit where 2gether is one of the finalist startups. Click here, here and here for pictures. As a finalist at the Summit, CEO Ramon got the opportunity to deliver a pitch to attendees. Plus interviews by Emprendiendo.TV and Funontheride. Great! The WednesdayClub dApp continues to airdrop $WED tokens every Wednesday. Make sure to get in on the action.
Parachute HQ recently shifted to the WeWork Navy Yards in NYC. Beautiful
XIO’s Binance Dex listing proposal* was submitted this week. For listing on the Dex, all projects submit detailed proposals and answer questions from the Binance Node operator community who then evaluate and decide on the listing. Read more about it here. Plus, there’s a hint of an $XIO doubling opportunity in there. The full roadmap (XIO Atlas) was also released with the proposal. An updated promo video came out as well. $XIO distribution to the giveaway winners was completed this week. In this week's discussion threads, Zachary talks about leverage, ERC20-BEP2 bridge, XIO capital and how many native tokens will incubated startups share with XIO citizens. The $BOMB Instagram is now handled by the community. So the BOMB Board opened up a proposal form for opinions from the community on how best to manage it.
\[As shared in last update, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]*
Two updates back we saw the WIP version. Here’s the full version of XIO Atlas
The $ETHOS token will be rebranding to Voyager ($VGX). The new token will be unveiled in November. Please note that there is no contract swap. This will simply be a rename. You can read more about it here. The bitcointalk Ann goes into even more details on the rebranded token’s use-cases. Understandably, there were lots of questions that came up. So the team arranged an AMA. If you missed it, check out the FAQ. Voyager also received investment from Thrust Capital through a private placement this week. Nice! Congratulations to Bounty0x for getting accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program. This is huge! The latest update is a great summary the past quarter @Bounty0x – reaching minimum fund raise goal on Republic, new features like Admin Notes, $BNTY staking, integration with Bloom and KABN etc. Fantom hosted an AMA with G.Crypto this week. CMO Michael shared a formalised roadmap article as well to answer all “when” questions. Plus, click here for some cool pics from CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup which the $FTM team attended. Uptrenndians, don’t forget to read the $1UP tokenomics update. It explains how the token velocity will work in a way such that everyone gets an equal opportunity at stacking $1UPs no matter when they join. BTW, if you didn’t notice yet, Uptrenndian made it to the Urban Dictionary. You can vote to keep it there forever. Let’s go! One way to beat Monday morning blues is a healthy dose of Meme Mondays while watching the site climb up the Alexa rankings. Haha. And finally, the team announced a partnership with Xord who will work on the blockchain solutions on the platform.
Parachute investor deck sneak peek
Mycro conducted KYC for bounty hunters and started a campaign to stop fake entries. OST-backed Pepo app moved to the first live beta stage this week as a precursor to a formal beta launch and presentation at Ethereum DevCon5 in Osaka next week. The team also shared details of how to hop in for a free Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl for Pepo beta users at DevCon5. And on top of that, a massive bounty for sharing IRL experiences on Pepo. Dang! Another bounty for usability testing of Pepo with the UX Team was also launched. 3k $OST for each selected participant. Say what! The OST-backed LGBT token now has 4k+ users thanks to the Hornet app. Well done! SelfKey announced a partnership with social watching platform Livetree for providing them KYC compliance solutions during onboarding process. Make sure to read the post to find out how to get a 90-day free subscription on the platform. If you haven't yet watched Constellation advisor and former Sanrio CEO Ray Rehito Hatoyama's interview with Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen, you can read about it in The Daily Chain's detailed coverage. If you're a $DAG node operator, this tweet will be of interest to you. Hint: onboarding has started. Folks who missed Constellation's AMA with tehMoonwalkeR can catch up from the transcript. And finally, Arena Match hosted a flash giveaway. Eagle eyed fans got their hands on some sweet $AMGO!
Pepo ready to make waves at DevCon5
The month gone by at Opacity saw a 20% increase in new accounts and a ~20% return rate on the site. Read more performance metrics from CEO Jason’s round up article. This month will see a slew of new features like integrated gift card payments, plan upgrades, folder upload etc. A productive community doesn’t stop BUIDLing. Check out ImgOpq which is a community run imageboard that works with public Opacity handles. Fun! Catch up on the latest at District0x from the weekly and dev update. Plus, a shoutout to Ethlance from Jaide of Cryptalk was pretty cool. More partners joined the Hydro dApp store this week including Temporal, MESG and Colony. Hydrogen won the USA Nationals of the BBVA Open Talent Award which is one of the world’s largest fintech startup competitions. As a result, the team won the opportunity to present at the BBVA Open Summit in Madrid. Co-Founder Mike travelled to the World Blockchain Forum Conference in NYC to speak on Libra vs Hydro and data privacy. The South African Reserve Bank shortlisted Hydro for an accelerator programme in South Africa which will culminate in a Demo Day at the end of the month. Two winners from the Demo Day will be chosen who will get to pitch at the Singapore Fintech Festival and receive funding. Good Luck! To read a quick dev update, click here. The Sentivate community voted on whether to burn $SNTVT tokens or host a raffle. One way to participate in the vote was by signing a message through one’s wallet. How? Read this to find out. Chico Crypto’s deep dive interview with Founder Thomas Marchi was released this week. Continuing with last week’s discussion on universal domain system, this week we learned about how Domain Information Service works in the Universal Web.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute. Cheerio!
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ETH News/Dapp Compilation

Hi guys. This is a list I started just recently for personal use to keep track of all the great news we’ve gotten recently for Ethereum. I’m trying my best to categorize the articles by either what type of industry ETH is helping, or how ETH is being helped (Infrastructure section).
It is in no way a comprehensive list and I’d like to open it up to everyone here to contribute/pick apart. I’ve got an idea for basically an “onboarding packet” for Ethereum that will include a rundown of all this stuff, some defi growth stats, list of popular dapps, user guide for Metamask (None of which will come from me but will be compiled all into one place for the benefit of newbs).
I think any non-believer who reads all of the articles in this list, or even just the snippets I included, would be hard pressed to say “ETH isn’t used” or “crypto is a scam” …unless they are just a total moron. Apologies for bad formatting.
https://www.coindesk.com/oxfam-trials-delivery-of-disaster-relief-using-ethereum-stablecoin-dai “Oxfam has previously distributed help to Vanuatu villagers using cash, but the time taken for ID checks and bank visits was an obstacle, the charity representative said. Onboarding a new user for cash aid took around an hour, signing up for a DAI card takes six minutes, Micky wrote. Plus, it made the whole process more transparent.”
private UK tax/audit company with over 35 Billion in revenue "Instead of developing a private iteration, EY has announced that its Nightfall protocol will run on top of the public Ethereum network. Further, the multi-national accounting conglomerate has taken a unique strategy to intellectual property. The company said that it will not only open-source the protocol code but also put it in the public domain with absolutely no license at all."
"Today, as part of Crypto Week 2019, we are excited to announce Cloudflare's Ethereum Gateway, where you can interact with the Ethereum network without installing any additional software on your computer."
https://www.coindesk.com/microsoft-ethereum-group-launch-token-building-kit-for-enterprises Microsoft launches a kit for businesses to build their own public Ethereum tokens.
“According to a report from CoinDesk Korea published Sunday, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible only with ether (ETH) and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Bitcoin is not yet supported, despite the logo appearing on earlier pre-release presentation images.”
“Dapps can be accessed by typing their address directly in the browser, avoiding the need to use third-party extensions” https://www.bitcoinisle.com/2019/04/05/ethereum-eth-former-white-house-deputy-ctos-blockchain-startup-raises-3-7m-in-seed-funding/ Former whitehouse Chief Technology Officer raising money for an Ethereum side-chain. The chain WILL use the public chain as a final authority, so not just another private chain.
Per the release, the tool newly added to PwC’s Halo auditing suite can be used to “provide assurance services for entities engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.” The firm claims that, with the new addition, the Halo suite permits PwC to provide independent evidence of private-public key pairing (to establish crypto asset ownership), and gather information about transactions and balances from blockchains.
Supply Chain/Logistics:
“With a spreadsheet, you have to take the farmers’ word on faith. But Treum provides a timestamp and a geolocation—tied to a specific, pre-selected field—that demonstrates, irrevocably, that the crop was grown where the farmer said it was grown. This data is then transferred, in the form of a single token, to the Ethereum network, where it cannot be overwritten.”
"Cyrille Jomand, iDealwine’s CEO, said: “Bottles verified by iDealwine are equipped with an inviolable RFID TAG which permanently guarantees the link between the bottle of wine and the information contained and transferred in the blockchain.”
"Societe Generale, a major French investment bank, issued a $112 million bond in security tokens on the public ethereum blockchain in April, but Alior’s management believes it is the first bank to use a public blockchain for a direct customer service solution"
"Customers can search documents they have received on Alior’s servers and browse their history to find where those documents are located on the (Ethereum) blockchain to ensure that they have not been changed by the bank since they were published."
http://fintechnews.sg/31826/blockchain/worlds-first-traditional-equity-shares-on-the-blockchain-blueshare-launches-in-singapore/ The token/share ratio is 1:1, meaning that 1 security token is backed by 1 Equity Capital Participation Share. Investments are accepted both in fiat and cryptocurrencies – Euro, Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether. The token sale started on May 6, 2019. The funds raised under the proposed security token offering will be used as a direct investment into the company’s mining and exploration concessions.
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/iceland-financial-regulator-approves-blockchain-190100164.html "Reykjavik-based Monerium, backed by blockchain software company ConsenSys, has reportedly been approved by the Icelandic financial watchdog to provide fiat payment services using ethereum (ETH) blockchain"
https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2019/06/19/metlife-plans-to-disrupt-2-7-trillion-life-insurance-industry-using-ethereum-blockchain/#1dd36d002770 MetLife is utilizing the live public Ethereum blockchain to add transparency and efficiency to the claims process. In what is believed to be the first pilot program in the world focused on the life insurance industry, MetLife’s Singapore-based incubator LumenLab is collaborating with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and NTUC Income (Income) on a platform of smart contracts known as ‘Lifechain’ to help loved ones quickly determine if the deceased was protected with a policy and automatically file a claim.
https://en.businesstimes.cn/articles/113719/20190614/ubisoft-may-soon-have-ethereum-in-game-items-and-blockchain-games.htm "The associate manager at Ubisoft, Anne Puck, added: "We think that blockchain has the potential to transform the gaming experience and even maybe to empower players as true stakeholders in their worlds. That's why our job is to accelerate the integration of blockchain at Ubisoft with this initiative." Ubisoft will likely enable in-game or in-app purchases via the Ethereum network. It is worth noting that the company has not clearly stated that any form of digital currency will be used for any such purchases. "
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/austria-post-launches-crypto-stamp-132010928.html "The “Crypto Stamp” is the first use case for non-fungible tokens launched by a government so far, making it a milestone. The pilot’s success will help determine the future for NFTs, which can now be issued across multiple Ethereum token standards."
https://coinjournal.net/japans-first-blockchain-game-crypt-oink-expands-to-english-speaking-markets-partners-with-cryptokitties/ "Created by Japan-based developer Good Luck 3, Crypt-Oink is a decentralized application (DApp) running on the Ethereum network. The game lets users breed, collect and trade digital racing pigs called Cryptons."
Data/Identity Management:
https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelwolfson/2019/06/25/ibm-orbs-consensys-work-together-on-global-blockchain-settlement-platform-for-telecoms/#498d66c4782c “In particular for this project, we propose solutions for the "transaction orchestration layer," and decentralized identities for participants in the network, solutions that have already been deployed successfully on Ethereum, and can integrate with other DLTs."
List of actually useful/cool Ethereum Apps(Some are Dapps others just involve ETH):
https://app.compound.finance/# Lending/borrowing ETH and ETH tokens. No fixed lending periods and interest is generated in real time (Every block I think– roughly ten seconds)
https://cdp.makerdao.com/ Mint DAI against your Ether.
https://www.augur.net/ Create a betting market for anything you can imagine. Use https://predictions.global/ to view current markets without downloading the client.
https://kyberswap.com Trade ETH tokens right from your Metamask account without having to deposit/withdrawal to an exchange.
https://godsunchained.com/ Buy trading cards for the first AAA quality hearthstone-esque Ethereum card game where your cards are tokens in your wallet and are freely tradeable (Or at least they will be once the game is out of Beta…)
https://trade.dydx.exchange/ Decentralized leverage trading right from your Metamask wallet.
Other Utilities and Resources:
https://etherscan.io Block explorer. Use this to check out your ETH address, smart contract addresses, spy on whales addresses, etc.
https://www.ethgasstation.info/ Check current gas prices and transaction speeds.
https://github.com/ethereumbook/ethereumbook This is the github version of “Mastering Ethereum” Which goes over the basics of how Ethereum works with smart contracts and nodes and whatnot. It’s actually easier to follow along with than you’d think. Can also buy the PDF version on Amazon.
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Daily Discussions Post - Fri Feb 22nd: 1200 ELA Giveway Event

Welcome to the official daily discussion post. Please share the latest Elastos news here.
Daily News
Elastos(ELA) listed as one of the choices for Binance Community Coin per Month. Voting closes Feb 25th
Elastos Community Event - 1200 ELA Giveaway
Elastos Logo Design Contest
Elastos DApp Meetup Blockchain for Scaling Large Applications - March 15, 2018
  1. BITMAIN CEO Jihan Wu
  2. DZapya CEO Xiaodong Wang (p2p file transferring, with 500million users) http://www.izapya.com/
  3. Panda Green Energy (DApp has been Invested by the United Nation) http://www.pandagreen.com/;
  4. MusicChain CEO Xiaosong Liu (Founder of Tencent & A8 music) http://www.a8nmg.com/a8en/
  5. Helix CEO (Gaming platform)
  6. SEED CEO James Chen (Nasdaq public company) http://originseed.investorroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=131
  7. Ulink (Has more than 1 million houses in China for rental. Biggest competitor of Airbnb in the world).
Useful Links
What is Elastos?
Beyond Ethereum — The Future Evolution of Blockchain
Elastos’ Token Distribution Mechanism, Position Locking, and Return Plan
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A recap of Mr. Yin Xiangyu's online speech

A recap of Mr. Yin Xiangyu's online speech

Hello, I am Yin Xiangyu, or you could call me Freddy, head of INT Chain China. Before today’s topics, let me introduce myself first.
Since 2003, I started my career as an IoT developer, and I participate in several IoT projects. Then, I started my own business, such as an e-commerce website, online traveling, big data websites, IoT printer controlled by WeChat. In 2013, I first met bitcoin and blockchain, when Ethereum came out in 2015 I thought blockchain could solve many problems in IoT. So we started the INT project with our team members from such as Huawei, CAS, Tencent, and Microsoft.

1, Technology

In today’s topics, I will talk about three pillars of INT Chain, technology, application ecosystem, and community.
In January 2019, even it was a cold winter, Bitcoin fell to $3000, We still launched the INT Chain mainnet, because we know we have so many objects to achieve.
Up to now, our mainnet has been running for nearly half a year, in the meantime we made much remarkable development. This August INT chain New testnet will be launched.
It has many exciting features.
First, let me introduce its high-performance feature. We optimize the P2P, network protocol, and New INT Chain 4.0 uses IPBFT consensus, it will increase the confirmation speed to 1 second. That is 10 times faster than now.
Second, a new smart contract will be released, it will fully compatible with EVM and WASM, it supports most developing languages. More friendly for developing INT DApp.
I want to emphasize the most important principle when we design smart contracts– Security First. To avoid security problems, we have made the innovative design and made some standard design, just like the design principle of Wave language published by Facebook.
Third, We have also got a lot of progress in sub-chain, cross-chain and privacy protection.
Except these features, for a more secure and decentralized system. We will make some adjustments in the number of nodes, the entry requirement, and reward rules. We will keep improving in the future. Please pay more attention to our official media.
I want to introduce the Titan Plan. While doing our developing work, we are also promoting the research of blockchain basic theory and exploring the future business model.
20 years ago,no one knew the internet would change our lives so much. In China, we now don’t need to take a wallet, just one smartphone is enough. Also, we don’t know after 10 years, how IoT, 5G, AI, and blockchain will change our lives. So we launched the Titan plan. Up to now, we have received more than 20 research works, we hope more and more teachers/students and engineers will join the plan.

2, Application ecosystem

INT has always taken the engineering principle to develop INT, and then I will introduce our work in industry application, INT wallet ecosystem and terminal products.
As you know, INT has provided blockchain solutions for many government and corporation. Just recently, we signed a traceability project for chicken farming. Meanwhile, more projects are in business negotiation, including explosives traceability Systems, camera work-proof systems in more prisons.
China has officially launched 5G, and the global 5G development will be faster and faster. We and our partners, such as China Telecom, Huawei, and ZTE, will together get more projects in industrial manufacturing 4.0, smart city, smart prison, etc. Of course, these projects are not easily implemented, but they will provide a lot of help for the development of INT.
For the product for consumers, we continue to update our blockchain-router, we wish it will become the control center of IoT devices at home. We will launch the vehicles OBD device in two months. We are also working with partners to consider releasing a healthy product for consumers.
The INT wallet will be officially released soon. Its name is Smart Wallet. For the first time, its name and logo are chosen by community members. Smart Wallet is not only a wallet but an important entrance of the INT eco-system.
Smart wallet version 1.0 will have some basic functions, such as transaction, staking, voting, unstaking, and transaction record. We will continue to optimize the wallet system. In the future, with INT developers, we will develop applications, staking economy, charity, etc. in IoT.
Before the launch of Smart Wallet, we did a lot of security testing, and with our security partner, Slow Mist, we launched a bug bounty plan. The process of wallet signing only been executed localhost, it can protect users from private key leakage.
There are so many breakthroughs in 5G, edge computing, AI, and big data technologies in recent years, It will boost IoT blockchain and the machine economy will become a reality.
To promote the development of the IoT blockchain, we will invest more than 1 million dollars and extra token to promote INT’s applications, this is a long-term process and we look forward to more partners.

3, Community

The last pillar, I’d like to talk about our community. Without the support of the community, we will not have today’s result. Currently, INT has more than one hundred thousand users and nearly 40,000 overseas users from France, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and other countries. I have seen INT videos produced by community members. Thanks for your great work!
I want to talk about our community partner plan, INT looks forward to a more international community, we promote the development of INT together just like a team.
This plan has gotten a good result, In addition to 12 new Chinese communities, we have five new community partners in French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Our French community partners have released the French version of the INT video, we wish there are more partners of different languages to join us.
We know that our capability is limited. As more and more community members participate in INT development, ultimately we hope that INT can be led by our community, this year we will take out 150 million INT held by INT Foundation, and hand it over to a special management committee, we are drafting the committee’s proposal collection document.
Let me report the recent INT business development, we have established cooperation with some good IoT corporations and blockchain projects, also We have passed the review of one large exchanges, at right time, we will be listed.
Time flies very fast, it has been more than an hour, I am so happy can share INT with you,
Chinese Saying: Taking a step every day will reach a thousand miles away.
Thank you all, looking forward to the next meeting.

—INT Chain Foundation
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INT Bi-Weekly Report 2019.6.3–6.14

INT Bi-Weekly Report 2019.6.3–6.14


Keywords in this issue:
Technology: Wallet app internal test, Slow Mist bounty plan, Consensus protocol optimization
Business: INT Chain Internet of Vehicles OBD device Math Wallet, AToken, BitKeep
Operations: INT Chain global ambassador program, Titan plan, INT Chain community committee, INT Chain community partner (western community)

R&D Progress

Current progress
Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain
  • Arranged a reward for the Slow Mist zone (https://www.slowmist.com/)and continue to check and fix security issues (20%).
  • Regarding the test of security and encryption modules of bdt protocol, bugs were solved continuously (90%).
  • Determined the implementation of WASM standard to the main chain, specific development work is underway (45%).
  • Complete the new smart contract compatibility with EVM (60%).
  • The consensus protocol optimization for the mainnet 4.0(new version) is in progress (35%).
  • The new version of RPC module development work is in progress (35%).
Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer
  • The mainnet Web wallet continues to optimize and improve. Complete the integration of the referendum system.
  • Continue to improve the blockchain explorer, complete the display of the results of the referendum system.
  • Continue to push the development pf mapping function and node plan.
  • Complete the last round of testing of the mobile wallet, still has a few performance issues, the android version will be released priority (90%).
Next Step Plan
  • Continue to solve some bugs from SlowMist Zone.
  • Continuously optimize the related functions and display of web wallet, blockchain explorer, and all-node wallet.
  • Continue to promote the optimization of token swap and node plan.
  • Improve the code of bdt and continue the research and development of the latest communication underlying protocol.
  • Continue to develop the new version of RPC module.
  • Regarding the main chain, the team will continue to conduct research on the WASM standard.
  • Development work for the mainnet online governance scheme.
  • Continue to optimize the referendum system.
  • The team will continue to conduct in-depth research on the scalability of the main chain in terms of anonymity and cross-chain.
  • Continue to optimize and test the wallet app to prepare for the official version.

Business Cooperation

Current progress
  • INT Chain Internet of vehicle OBD device
The concept and technology implementation architecture of OBD (Internet of the vehicle) device has been completed, and relevant product descriptions will be released in the near future, and cooperation with hardware manufacturers is also in the docking.
  • Math Wallet / AToken / BitKeep Wallet Cooperation
The INT Chain business development team recently cooperated with the Math Wallet/AToken/BitKeep wallet team. INT Chain together with each team held the first consultation on the docking of the INT Chain mainnet token and the resource sharing and financial ecology construction.
Next Step Plan
  • INT Chain Internet of vehicle OBD device
    The product description of Internet of vehicle OBD device will be released, Meanwhile, determine the final production process and cooperation manufacturers.

Activity operation

Current progress
  • INT Chain Community Partner Program
INT Chain officially released the community partner program on June 5, because outstanding community partners can promote the development of INT Chain community.INT Chain will build many different language western communities through this program. And community partners will establish INT Chain western community and may host Meetup in the future. Since launched, it received great support from the global community. After the review, we are pleased to announce Endeavour8 (Spanish), Artshyyy(French), AxelSega(French), mackegw (German) and johannkepler (Dutch) become our community partners. And more enthusiasts in other languages will join this community partner program.


  • INT Chain official Weibo host an engagement activity with fans of INT Chain on Dragon Boat Festival
On June 4, an engagement activity with fans of INT Chain on Dragon Boat Festival, fans could forward INT Chain’s weibo to win gifts for them. which was actively supported by community members!


  • The Result Announcement of INT Chain wallet app - Smart Wallet logo global contest
Since Smart Wallet logo global contest has been completed, INT Chain officially reviewed and selected 33 logos, and all these 33 logos were posted on the community referendum system(https://explorer.intchain.io/#/referendum), community members actively participate in voting. Finally, NO.17, NO.32, and NO.3 are Top 3 with 29.81 million votes, 21.72 million votes, and 18.27 million votes respectively. The number of overall votes is more than 52.74 million, and the rewards will be sent within 7 working days.


Next Step Plan
  • INT Chain Community Committee’s Consultation Draft will be officially released
To develop the INT Chain community and enable the community members to participate in community service and management work. At present, the Community Committee’s Consultation draft and other work are being actively prepared. INT Chain will release the community committee’s Consultation draft, and Global community members are also welcome to provide comments and suggestions.
  • INT Chain Promotion as Mining Program will be launched
To further promote INT Chain, Promotion as Mining program will be launched. Medium and individuals from the world are welcome to sign up and receive generous INT rewards through effective promotion.
  • 2019 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference
From June 29 to June 30, 2019 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference will be held in Beijing. INT Chain technical team will send representatives to this conference, discussing with technical experts on beacon chain, Layer 2, Casper, PoS, security, zero-knowledge proof, De-Fi, capacity expansion, the new trends and core principles of Plasma, the progress and future trends of Ethereum 2.0, etc. as well as technical practices in smart contract development, Dapp development, blockchain game development, and data storage.

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Daily Discussion Posts - Tue Apr 17th

Welcome to the official daily discussion post. Please share the latest Elastos news here.
Daily News
Huobi News: Conversation with Su Yipeng, the Chief Architect of Elastos
Bit University Q&A with Rong Chen: The operating system is like a country: Comparing EOS and Ethereum
Welcome Kevin Zhang as the new Head of the Elastos Developers Community
Green lights
Elastos Video Contest: Updated with new rewards
First Elastos AMA with Fay Li
First Elastos meetups in London on Apr 19th and Apr 21st
Elastos Meetup in LA May 10th: The future of Blockchain and the Entertainment Industry
Elastos NYC Blockchain Meetup - May 12th, 2018
Yellow Lights
Red Lights
Useful Links
Elastos Medium link
Elastos RoadMap
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Ethereum 2.0 Explained By Vitalik Buterin 2020 - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL For more videos on blockchain technology: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0xL8V6NzzFcwzHCgB8orQ?sub_confirmation=1 DOWNLOAD ... Ruben Alexander, an artist known for his 100 EOS logo series has created this ONO Dapp Demo for English speakers. The international version of ONO will be released in the coming month, but ... Intro to Etheruem Dapps https://blockgeeks.com/ In this lesson, we’ll learn about building decentralized applications, or dapps. But first, let’s take a minu... Learn Ethereum Dapp in this full tutorial for beginners. This course teaches how to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. We are going... 🤑 Learn how to become a highly paid blockchain dev: http://www.dappuniversity.com/bootcamp 🔴 Subscribe to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0x...